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Are Your Nut Butter Cravings Out of Control?

Too many times have I cracked open a half-full jar of almond butter, spoon firmly in hand, with the heroic intention of taking one small spoonful, only to spot my feet through the bottom glass mere mi…


Can a Big Breakfast Save You From Major Disease?

A recent study done by researchers at Tel Aviv University says "Yes." And that's not all. The study also found that eating a high calorie breakfast can protect you from more than half a dozen serious …


4 Tips to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

'Tis the season of holiday parties, frothy mugs of eggnog, sugary cookies, and plenty of good cheer. It is a lovely season, but once the new year arrives, many of us are filled with regret. The averag…


5 Places to Sneak Hemp Into Your Diet

Hemp is on my list of top superfoods. Hemp is high in protein and healthy fats, and is very low in cholesterol and sodium. It is also a good source of zinc, and a very good source of magnesium. Hemp†c…


Ready in 20: Delicious, Protein-Packed Dal Soup

This is a soup I love to enjoy on a cool evening, with warm bread or just on its own. It is easy to prepare, because the yellow lentil in it cooks quite quickly. Mung dal is a great source of protein,…


Perfectly Spiced Bean Dip

Recipe:†Bean Dip From: Renee Press at†Plant Based on a Budget Follow us on†Facebook and†Twitter! Yield :†2 cups Prep Time :†5m Cook Time :†5m Ready In :†15m Perfect for a weeknight…


Red Lentil and Amaranth Protein Patties

Recipe: Protein Patties From: Renee Press at†Plant Based on a Budget Follow us on†Facebook and†Twitter! Yield :†12-15 Prep Time :†10m Cook Time :†35m Ready In :†45m These little pa…


7 Super Reasons to Love Almond Butter

What is almond butter? Itís just almonds, blended in a food processor. Add a little honey and sea salt for taste, and you have a spoonful of heaven, thatís also really good for you! In my opinion, …


Protein-Packed Lentil Pancakes In Ten Minutes

In my home, we often make lentil-rice pancakes called adai. These are very popular in the South of India, easy to dish up and a treat to taste. The only time-consuming part of the preparation is the s…


How Important is Protein?

Calories, calories, calories. This is a concept we all know far too well, especially when trying to lose weight. Our cultural obsession with cutting and counting calories makes it seem controlling …


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