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9 Tricks to Eat Healthy at Any Restaurant

American restaurants are notorious for portion inflation. The problem is, we generally have a tendency to eat whatever we’re served. But why are we trusting restaurants to dictate what a proper portio…


The Importance of Asking Questions About Your ‘Path’

We spend so much of our lives seeking answers to others’ questions and to the Big Questions: Who are we? Why do we exist? Why do we die? What happens afterward? How should we live? How can we be happy…


Can You Love What You Don’t Know?

I don’t know whether I should jump back into my art career after neglecting it for the past three years. I don’t know whether the risky relationship shift I just negotiated with my husband will dra…


How To Seek Guidance From The Universe

It’s been an enormous month for me.  I was inducted into the Association of Transformational Leadership and that led to a slew of potential business opportunities that came rushing in.  One guy wants …


Never Stop Asking Questions

If you want a simple prescription for accessing the field of intelligence, then every morning before you enter into a period of silence or meditation, put your attention on your heart and ask yourself…


5 FAQs about Major Depression Treatment

Got a question about major depression? Check out this video -- we have the answers to the five most common inquiries.…


8 Ways To Get The Most From Your Doctor’s Visit

You may wish you could spend a whole hour with your doctor, feeling relaxed and unhurried while your doctor lays healing hands on you. You may fantasize about asking all of the questions on your list,…


10 Questions Pregnant Women Should Ask Before Giving Birth

As an OB/GYN, I know pregnant women have a boatload of questions as their due date approaches. But so often, they fail to plan ahead and get their questions asked until they’re huffing and puffing in …


5 Questions That Will Change Your Life

Byron Katie, author of Loving What Is (Three Rivers Press, 2003), understands the power of a good question better than most. The renowned personal-development facilitator is legendary for her a…


Why Ask Why? Children Asking the Same Question Over and Over Again

It is so common that it makes you laugh to yourself when you witness it with another child, as I did the other night. I was in a restaurant with my son when I heard, coming from a neighboring table, a…


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Life is too short to deal with toxic people, family included. We only get one life and shouldn't was…

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