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How to Tell if Your Wine Habit is Healthy

You've seen the research showing that moderate wine consumption can benefit health, but how do we find the balance between moderate and over-consumption? I like a good glass of red as much as the n…


Mushrooms with Red Wine and Thyme (Recipe)

  Just as perfect for Thanksgiving as it is for a quick weekend night, you can, and should, make this one day ahead. That extra day really lets the flavors meld. Ingredients: 1 Cup heav…


Breast Cancer Risk: Red Wine vs. White Wine

After diagnosis, women with breast cancer may cut their risk of dying nearly in half by just instituting simple, modest lifestyle changesó5 or more servings of fruits and veggies a day and walking 30 …


Wine & Food Pairing: An Easy Guide

Throughout our adult lives, we are told that certain foods just donít play nicely with certain wines. However, trying to remember which goes with which is often a culinary puzzle most of us donít want…


12 Common Cooking Questions

How do you keep pasta from clumping? You donít want your pasta to stick together like mob wives in an†FBI†investigation, so make sure youíre boiling it in plenty of salted water (4-6 quarts per pound…


Red Wine & Heart Attack Prevention

If only preventing a heart attack were as easy as sipping on a nice pinot noir. Well, it may be, according to this much-enjoyed research. Watch this to find out how.…


Why Is Red Wine Good For Your Heart?

By Sara Novak, Planet Green I stand by the research that my guilty pleasure, red wine is so loaded with antioxidants that itís necessary to indulge in it regularly. Itís known for polyphenols fo…


Worthwhile Wine: Making a Difference With Every Glass

A glass of wine is lovely with dinner, and red wine in moderation even touts some health benefits. What a lot of folks don't know about conventional wine production is that it's not always great for p…


Is Wine Good For You?

Q: Are we supposed to drink wine or not? Some studies say drink a glass of red wine every day, some studies say drinking any alcohol causes cancer. It is confusing! A: You are so right. There are …


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