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Your Choice: Exist with It or Live with It

"I know this is going to sound like an insanely ridiculous thing for a wife to say, but I would appreciate it if you would stop doing the dinner dishes." Well that actually does sound like an ins…


Research Challenging What We Know About Multiple Sclerosis

What causes multiple sclerosis? There are plenty of theories, but researchers have yet to hone in on the answer. Researchers at the Buffalo Neuroimaging Analysis Center at the University of Buffalo…


11 Basics to Understanding Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple sclerosis is the ultimate player. First you see it, then you donít. If you are confused about MS, you are far from alone. First, what it is not: multiple sclerosis is not the same as muscu…


Beyond the Disabled Label

What's in a label? You are either disabled or not, right? In some cases, yes, but disability, like life, is not always so clear. Is disability simply a physical state-of-being or a state-of-mind...…


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Thanks for these tips. I usually have my car washed while I'm doing my grocery shopping - it doesn'…

very interesting, I've never heard of triclosan

My husband can't sit down for a moment with a magazine as that is a signal to our cat that he needs …

Isn't this proof that people cannot self-regulate and that government needs to intervene? After all …

Danke für die Info dies ist mir bekannt