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Rare Baby Sumatran Rhino Born

A critically-endangered Sumatran rhinoceros, which becomes the fourth birth in captivity in more than a century, is named a "gift from God." World News Videos by NewsLook var nl_rand = "zM1U…


South Africa Considers Legal Sale of Horns to Prevent Rhino Extinction

South Africa's government is considering a legal market for rhino horns to combat the booming illegal trade. Science News by NewsLook var nl_rand = "taHSkjCd25XQjpvp", NewsLook = NewsLook ||…


Baby Rhino Rescued

A rhino just three weeks old was rescued after poachers killed its mother in South Africa. They also hit the calf with a machete, thought the calf has no horn, and was not a danger to  them. What kind…


Baby Rhino Has a Snack (video)

Watch this adorable baby rhino gulp down one of several daily bottles of milk. This video is from the BBC series Last Chance to See: A Search for Animals on the Edge of Extinction, which features some…


True Love 3: Wild Animal Friends (3 videos)

Here’s 3 more in this popular series; following up on the adorable True Love and True Love 2. Not little household pets this time but rather wild animals pairs: a tortoise and a hippo below, a…


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This is an interesting infograph but I'm not sure I buy all that jazz. There are certain mental ill…