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Kenya Microchips Every Single Rhino to Fight Poaching

Though many strategies have been devised for catching poachers in the act, the death toll of rhinos continues to rise. Kenya is pushing back with a massive effort, microchipping more than 1,000 rh…


Rare White Rhino Born in Israeli Zoo

A rare white rhinoceros was born in a zoo in Ramat Gan, near Tel Aviv. The newcomer has yet to be named. World News Videos by NewsLook   // Photo Credit: bobosh_t via Flickr. &…


Rise in Rhino Deaths Caused by Money?

The spread of wealth in some Asian nations is being blamed for a rise in South African rhino poaching.   Science News by NewsLook   // …


Rhino Poaching Attack in South Africa

A poaching attack on three rhino in southern South Africa in early March has shocked teams at a game reserve there. White rhino are listed as "near threatened" by the global conservation authority IUC…


8 of the World’s Rarest Mammals (Slideshow)

  With populations ranging from a few hundred to just a few dozen, these mammals are among the rarest, and most endangered, creatures on earth. Click through to discover some of the planet's m…


South Africa Considers Legal Sale of Horns to Prevent Rhino Extinction

South Africa's government is considering a legal market for rhino horns to combat the booming illegal trade. Science News by NewsLook var nl_rand = "taHSkjCd25XQjpvp", NewsLook = NewsLook ||…


Baby Rhinos (Video)

  Have you ever heard what baby rhinos sound like? Check it out for yourself as you watch this video1 Related: Baby Rhino Has a Snack (Video) Cute Baby Rhino (Video) Baby Rhino Rescu…


Heavy Lifting: Endangered Rhinos Airlifted from Danger

A group of 19 endangered black rhinos are getting used to their new surroundings after a spectacular airlift by helicopter to move them out of the range of poachers. google.load("jquery", "1.4.2"…


Two Tons Of Ivory Intercepted In Hong Kong

Officials with the Ports and Maritime Command were tipped off about a possible shipment of illegal ivory headed to Hong Kong from Malaysia on Tuesday. Upon close inspection, customs officials found…


Cute Baby Rhino (video)

In Berlin, Germany, Betty gave birth to a baby rhinoceros. At two days old, the infant rhino was 20 inches long and weighed more than 110 pounds. Many people gathered around at the zoo to get a glimp…


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