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The Map of Eternity

We are all traveling in three worlds. According to the rishis, we move between three levels of awareness that account for all experience: 1. Consciousness filled with physical objects. 2. Consciou…


True Unity

There is a state of true unity. The rishis called it Brahmi Chetna, "unity consciousness," and declared that it was the goal toward which all other states of consciousness are evolving. Anyone who has…


The Stream of Life

Like every great insight, the discovery that the universe has no fixed structure can seem frightening, but the uncertainty principle is just as much a creativity principle. Words like “void,” “nothin…


What is a Karmic Debt?

A karmic debt is, basically, any cause that hasn’t yet found its effect. According to the rishis, punishment in the afterlife is the result of unpaid karmic debts. If I commit a crime and don’t pa…


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