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The Good Seed: Why Care About a Little Ol’ Seed

Just this past October, the seed from a pink, wild banana (Musa itinerans), originating from China, was dutifully cleaned, labeled and set into semi-permanent cold storage in the United Kingdom as par…


Sprouting Nuts and Seeds

I've been sprouting nuts and seeds for years.  It's so much healthier for you and I love the taste! WHY Soak Nuts and Seeds: They Taste Better: Raw nuts or seeds can have a bitter taste due to…


Seed Company Catalogs: A Gardener’s Best Friends

OK, it's true: Compost and a good hoe are probably a gardener's best friends—but seed company catalogs are certainly fun, useful friends to have during the off-season. If you love gardening as much…


Foods and Herbs for Better Sex

Sexual energy is extra energy. Low libido may be Nature's way of conserving vitality and a message that intimacy in the relationship needs improvement. Nutritional deficiencies, stress and exhau…


Surprising Health Benefits of Nuts & Seeds

I love nuts and seeds.  I think I must have been a bird in a past life.  Good thing, too, as they are Powerfoods! Don't Be So Scared of the Fat: A Nurses Health Study found that nurses who …


Why Save Seed? (Video)

For thousands of years, farmers have saved and shared seeds to preserve flavorful, unique, and resilient varieties of fruits and vegetables. In this clip from Nourish, organic farmer Nigel Walker ex…


Where to Find Organic Seeds

A number of people have asked me where they can find organic seeds for their organic gardens. This time of year, you can pick up regular seeds at garden stores, supermarkets, and “big box” stores like…


Quinoa: It is Not Just for Incas and Hippies Anymore

I hate to admit it, but it took me an embarrassingly long time to figure out the appropriate pronunciation for quinoa. "KEY-noa" was one particular iteration I remember using in casual conversation ma…


Hamster in the House

My family is growing. We'll be getting a new member next week. Namely, a hamster, earnestly requested by my younger daughter, will be the surprise Christmas present next week. I'm scared. I don…


A Guide to Saving Seeds

by Jordan Laio, Networx Before the era of seed catalogues and garden centers, seed saving was a cornerstone of farming in general and of home gardening in particular. What exactly is seed savin…


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Not to negate anything in the article, but I have hope for one thing. My hope is, that one of the…

Most puppies are cute. But these peg the meter.

That's why cows milk is good for baby cows, goats milk for baby goats, etc, etc!

I have dealt with clinical depression off and on from my teen years to now (currently on but heading…

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