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Wisdom from Jean Adrienne

Many of us grow up with the concept that we need to prove something. The belief begins early in our lives. Baby Boomers adopted the notion upon starting school, but children today are indoctrinated as…


You Are Enough

By Sheena LaShay Sheena is energy manifesting in many forms. She is a writer, artist, siren and dancer who expresses her authentic SELF through creativity, empowerment, sensuality and spirituality.…


Valentine’s Day, You’re The Devil

I thought I’d wait until the day after Valentine’s Day to be a buzzkill, just in case you get off on it. But I despise Valentine’s Day more and more every year that passes. So here's my Valentine…


Love, Shame, and Self-Worth

Clearly Jeanne desperately wants her husband to say “I love you” at times, yet she forces herself not to ask. She therefore pushes herself further into self-doubt, by forbidding herself to ask for wh…


Giving Back: How to Recognize Your Truth and Pass it On?

You've made it through a multitude of personal inquiries. You've spent some time soul-searching, and hopefully have rediscovered, and are happily emoting your self-worth. Now you've come to one of …


How does motherhood define my self-worth? (Quiz)

Motherhood is undeniably the epitome of the agony and the ecstasy. If you're a mother, indulge yourself with some well-deserved pats on the back, and acknowledge the fact that motherhood is a tough bu…


Motherhood: How to Define the Role of a Lifetime

By Cheryl Saban, Intent Were you raised with visions of Betty Crocker, the iconic perfect woman? The 1950s notion of what girls and women should and shouldn't do was easily embedded. School curric…


Creating Financial Independence in Your Life

By Cheryl Saban, Intent Recognition for the significance of your contributions and the validity of your participation in the overall economic stability of your life is an important factor in the de…


Finances, Freedom & Self-Worth

Do you use your career, your job, the work you do as a measuring tool to size up your worth? Though it's a mistake to equate one's worth solely with money, many of us were raised to associate our wort…


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