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Can You Be Both Professional & Sexy?

Just before Thanksgiving, I met with my photographer friend Monique Feil, who is responsible for taking pretty much any great photo you’ve ever seen of me on my blog, book covers, or hanging in my hom…


5 Keys to Better Sex

How's your sex life? And what does the quality of sex have to do with the mind, or the breath? For centuries, humans have explored mind-body connections. Many of the ways we've used to reach a deep…


11 Reasons To Share This With Every Woman You Know

I’m a gynecologist who once wrote a never-published memoir called “I Don’t Do Men,” so it should come as no surprise that I adore women. No--I’m not gay (though my standard "I don't do men" brush off …


Women Erased From Historical Photo

Women have been erased from history for millennia. Countless courageous events led by women have gone unwritten or rewritten in the history books. Yet, in the age of feminism in modern times, we ass…


Owning My Inner Nerd

My daughter came home from school last week, sobbing, because one of the kids in her preschool called her a nerd. While I stroked her hair and wiped her tears, I flashed back 25 years to when I …


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So glad I broke my addiction to Diet Coke.

You forgot to add its cruel to pigs. Often pigs are kept in gestation crates and are unable to turn…

Unfortunately, I've become sensitive to everything in the carrot family, including celery, parsley, …

I love cheese and I'm not giving it up. However I don't think I have to worry about any calves invol…