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Resist Not Evil

One effect of divine grace, as Jesus taught it, was to counter evil. Just as judgment is left to the Lord, so is punishing evil. Jesus uses conventional vocabulary at times when he speaks about Satan …


The Dark Side Of “Perfect”

Although I adore my family and itís beautiful up here on Lake Erie in Ohio, the place Iím spending my summer vacation with my mother, daughter, nieces, and nephews isnít the kind of place Iíd choose t…


Shadow of Evil

Even though your impulses may never cross the line into violence, ordinary impulses intensify in the shadow, where you can't see them. Whenever you hear yourself sounding resentful or angry without p…


Releasing Your Shadow Energy

To find your shadow energy, you have to be dedicated to a journey of descent. Think of this journey as going back to retrieve parts of your life that have been abandoned because you felt so ashamed o…


Breaking Down Evil

The process of bringing evil down to scale wonít be convincing until you apply it to yourself. So letís do that. Take a volatile issue at this moment: terrorism. By any measure, to inflict terror o…


Unresolved Shadow Events

Shame, guilt and fear cannot be accessed by thinking. The shadow isnít a region of thoughts and words. Even when you have a flash of memory and recall such emotions, you are using a part of the high…


Surviving Dark Nights of the Soul

At three oíclock in the afternoon, itís pretty easy for me to be kind and compassionate with myself. I can feed my body green juice, sit in meditation and treat myself with loving kindness, bless my b…


Your Shadow

The shadow itself is not evil and therefore not your enemy. I realize that for many people there is a huge barrier in the form of ďthe other,Ē someone outside themselves whose evil is unquestioned.…


Owning Darkness: Accepting the Shadow

In this impending wintertime of late sunrises and early sunsets, I find myself exploring darkness, not just the extended night-times but the darkness within me. Sometimes I find myself experien…


Your Shadow of Primitive Feelings

Without excuses or rationalizations, express your rage like a beast on a rampage Ė growling, howling, writhing, letting your body go. Let whatís primitive be primitive, within safe bounds. Primiti…


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