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5 Ways to Balance Intimacy & Space In A Relationship

I had an epiphany. In my close relationships, I have two opposing desires: The desire for intimacy and security ... And the desire for freedom and autonomy. Every relationship is a dance of these t…


Deepak Chopra: Scientific Proof of God?

If you’re a regular Deepak Chopra reader and listener, you have probably come across the term “space time.” It may sound nonsensical – it’s either space or time, right? But in physics, “space time” …


Give Each Other a Little S-P-A-C-E!

Let me begin with the beautiful words of Kahlil Gibran, The Prophet, on Marriage: Let there be spaces in your togetherness …And let the winds of the heavens dance between you. Love one another but…


Why Being Alone Is Good For Your Relationship

When uttered within a romantic relationship, the words "I need space" are usually not followed by anything good. But what if more space is just what we need for happier, healthier relationships? In…


The Hidden Nature of You

You keep asking who you really are. If you want to know intellectually, then you are pure awareness, the changeless background against which all thoughts occur. This pure awareness is a continuum. …


Clearing ‘Wannabe’ Clutter (And The Air)

"I may have had a negative reaction to some of the previous clutter-related articles. Now I get it. The author is writing from the perspective of someone who helps hoarders or shopaholics. And I f…


Death As Timeless Reality

Thousands of people have been privileged to catch glimpses of the reality that encloses space and time like a vast multidimensional bubble. Some people seem to have contacted this timeless realm thro…


Is Your Clutter Clinical?

One woman has her attic packed so tightly that she wonders if someday she'll come home to find all that shit stuff on her living room floor. Another swears that the cabinets in her kitchen are holding…


Healing With the Space Between

Healing should be as constant as breathing, not an isolated process for fending off illness. Healing should mean constant communication with the field. The most important step is becoming aware of t…


Do You Control Time?

Who were you before you were you? Even though we all identify with a very limited slice of time and space, equating “me” with one body and one mind, in reality you also live outside yourself in the f…


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