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The Clever Way Brazilian Students & American Retirees Are Helping Each Other

What do you get when you combine older Americans who want someone to talk to and young Brazilians who want to learn English? The "Speaking Exchange" program, an innovative program developed by the Bra…


So What If Our Kids ARE All Lazy Whiners?!!

Not since last year when Steven Slater, the Jet Blue flight attendant who unceremoniously quit his job with a royal "FU" to his employer and a planeload of passengers, has there been such an incident …


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Why not if people want to use it? It will get people out of jail.

The mans family must be so glad that loyal BeBe stayed with her friend and companion so he wasn't a…

I had to chuckle over Nelsons post. I suppose he would rather share the highways with drunks to pot …

Legalize it already! Alcohol and cigarettes are so much worse than marijuana. Ever hear of anyon…