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Conservation Program Rewards Sustainable Farmers

By Jason Knapfel for Farming, the very lifeblood of human existence, can also ironically be a destructive force. If done improperly, farming can destroy soil and pollute air and w…


Hot Food Events

Since it is the first of August, I thought it was appropriate to write about some food and farm events happening this month. That way, if you are interested, you can be prepared to celebrate ahead of …


Thank A Farmer This Earth Day

As somebody who writes about farming, I find the negative view that many people have of farmers and farming disheartening. Sadly, that view often comes from things that others have written in both the…


Slow Money and Urban Guerilla Gardening

Green Diva Lisa was back in the studio from her travels and reported in about a video PSA she produced with her Mobile Film School for a Green Tech High School in Texas. We had a warm and hopeful r…


Celebrate Sustainable Food for Spring

Spring is a time of awakening and renewal. To me, it is more motivational than New Yearís, -- the more traditional time for life-improvement resolutions -- because I tend to still be recovering from t…


Celebrate National Agriculture Day

This week not only brings the start of spring but also National Agriculture Day on March 15. Most people didnít even know such a day existed and havenít heard anything about it! The day was created…


5 Last-Minute Sustainable Food Gifts

Even though thereís only a few days left until Christmas, thereís still time to get your sustainable food loving friends some great gifts without ever having to set foot inside a mall or department st…


Know Your Foodshed

Local and locavore (a person who prefers to eat locally grown/produced food) have become well-known terms, as more and more people are looking for locally grown food. But, another term that is used…


Save Money By Eating Seasonally

Now that spring is here, seasonal eating has become easier with more and more items coming into season each week. Seasonal eating is based on purchasing foods during their natural (or seasonal) growin…


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