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15 Vintage Bathing Suits for Your Summer Vacation

Finding the perfect swimsuit is no simple task. You want something that makes you feel comfortable, fits right and won't be sported by every other babe on the beach. That's why we think you should con…


10 Beach Safety Tips

There's nothing quite like a peaceful summer day at the beach. That peace can turn to tragedy in a moment when someone you love is in danger of drowning. About 10 people a day in the United States …


7 of the World’s Most Stunning Swimming Spots

  Imagine swimming next to one of the world's biggest waterfalls, perhaps. Or swimming with thousands of jellyfish, or in a place where every movement brings on a neon blue trail. As magical a…


8 Myths From Mom: True or False?

By Danielle Samaniego, Divine Caroline As a kid, my mom warned me about things like sitting too close to the TV, going outside with a wet head, and not letting my food digest before swimming. She e…


A Horse and a Girl: Best Friends (video)

I recently put a poll on Care 2 Causes asking if a horse could be as good a pet as a cat or a dog. The yes vote was virtually unanimous. Here is a video in response, showing the love between a girl…


4 Health Hazards in the Water

By Pamela Weintraub, Experience Life Sharks in the water! Chlorine that seals your contact lenses to your eyes! Antibiotic-resistant bacteria on the beaches! When it comes to recreational swimm…


Don’t Let Arthritis Prevent Exercise

Q: A friend of mine just sent me your advice about exercise and arthritis. I guess she thought I might need it although I am a nurse. But being a nurse does not necessarily make me any smarter than an…


Breast Cancer: The Fitness Solution

As a personal trainer over the past 14 years, I've had the opportunity to work with several women as they battle breast cancer. While every woman has a different and very personal experience with the…

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All very good tips, especially staying hydrated and spending time outdoors.

Just love pigs, Lola you are awesome.

Thanks for reposting this valuable reminder.