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Natural Solutions for Hair Loss

Shedding is never fun -- just ask my vacuum cleaner. It's even less fun when you realize the golf ball size bits of hair you're tugging out of the roller came from your own head. Oh, the horror! As we…


Low Thyroid? How to Conduct a Basal Temperature Test

The Basal Temperature Test is not to be used as a replacement for a proper medical assessment.  Instead it can help you determine whether you may have a thyroid imbalance and a low functioning thyroid…


Is an Underactive Thyroid Making You Overweight?

Because the thyroid gland is involved in so many functions in the body, an under-functioning thyroid gland can result in many possible symptoms. The following list includes many of the most common sym…


Combat Hair Loss Naturally

Looking in the mirror became a difficult experience for Janet.  It seemed like every day her forehead receded further and her already thinning hair became thinner.  Feeling like everyone might be crit…


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