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Creating Healing Traditions

  “Of one thing I am certain, the body is not the measure of healing – peace is the measure.” ~George Melton As a child I dreaded the holidays. Weeks of uninterrupted solid family dysfuncti…


Coming Around to the Bagel

I have altogether stopped eating bagels, which is kind of sad. Not sad because I am technically Jewish, but sad because I hold fond memories of really liking bagels. My reasoning is twofold: the first…


Your Non-Traditional Holiday Traditions

Last year, Care2 staffers shared some of our unusual holiday traditions, including making candles and playing "elf on the shelf" (check out the post to read more on that one). We got so many inter…


10 Wacky Christmas Traditions From Around the World

By ChanMi Park, Planet Green What make the holidays super special apart from the food, family and friends, are the traditions. Some traditions are...well, very traditional. But others can be fun an…


5 Ways to Create Meaningful Family Rituals

If you asked your kids what they like best about your family, what would they say? Maybe, they like the activities you do together as a family—the things you do regularly—so they can look forward …


Earth Day: A Family Tradition

There are a few holidays I could truly do without. For example: Valentine's Day. I'd much prefer heartfelt extravagance in the love I give and receive throughout the year over the chocolate-laden, doi…


Who Lights Your Path to Abundance?

When you pay attention to the messages that surround you and how they often mirror your own internal needs, you will become aware of the importance of being among the right people and situations. Find…

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fact of the matter is people are weak and will take advantage of people whenever possible it makes m…

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but it's hard to eat correctly when most folks are eating antibiotics in their foods, right? I am ve…