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4 Diet & Fitness Trends of 2011

By Lacy J. Hansen for Every year brings its fads and trends to the health world and 2011 was no exception. Itís possible that 2011 was dedicated to the over-scheduled, yet highly …


Silly Bandz: Cute Trend or Vast Global Conspiracy?

What would childhood be without illogical fads and manias? Since well before the Zhu Zhu Pet, Webkins, and Tickle Me Elmo there was the Cabbage Patch Doll, the Rubik's Cube, and Beanie Babies, and bef…


AntiGravity Yoga: The Ups & Downs

Itís a bird. Itís a plane. Nope, itís me--hanging completely upside down, being supported by a 10-inch-wide piece of cloth and wondering how on earth I decided this was a good idea. AntiGravity Yo…


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makes sense. I gave up my car in 1991 and when living in the Netherlands over 21 years, I used my bi…

Thank you for sharing:)

LOVE it! And, it's the most effective motion sickness treatment I've ever tried.

Biking to work has saved my sanity at times. It's become a form of meditation for me. Sitting in tra…

This is a wonderful story. I love all animals and crows too. They are extremely intelligent. This wa…