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7 Principles to Manifest Intention

Before you become master of your own life, you feel inadequate and powerless. Unforeseen things happen all the time. By contrast, after you assume authorship of your own life, outcomes are never in do…


The Significance of Coincidence

When you put your attention on coincidences it attracts more coincidences, and applying intention reveals their meaning. In this way coincidences become clues to the will of the universe, providing a …


4 Steps to Affluence

Why not adopt God as the role model of affluence? After all, no one is more affluent than God, for God is the field of all possibilities. The Four Steps to Affluence 1. You slip into the gap betwe…


We Are All Connected

The universe is alive and wants to live and breathe through you. To find out the truth of this, you need to relate to the universe as if it were alive. Otherwise, how will you ever know that it is? To…


Defeating Entropy

The world is a dangerous place for life to survive in, and if we look beyond the localized dangers of our planet, a cosmic force stands ever ready to destroy life. It is called entropy, the universal…


The Stream of Life

Like every great insight, the discovery that the universe has no fixed structure can seem frightening, but the uncertainty principle is just as much a creativity principle. Words like “void,” “nothin…


Fulfill Your Intentions

When you learn to quiet the mind and purify all of its long-held conflicts, the simple reality of how the universe works – the what is – will unfold. Take a little time every day to notice the cont…


How to Create Harmony with Your Intentions

Our intentions are a manifestation of the total universe because we are a part of the universe. And our intentions hold within them the mechanics of their fulfillment. All we really need is clarity …


Who Is The Creator Of The Universe?

In a living universe, we do not have to answer any questions about who the creator is. At various times, religions have named a single god, multiple gods and goddesses, an invisible life force, a cos…


Have Faith in Faith

Because we all want things, it's easy to fall into the trap of constantly working, worrying, and struggling to get what we want. Yet the wizards say that if you let go, the mechanics of desire take ca…


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