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5 Basics for Non-Toxic Cleaning

Learning to clean from scratch—making homemade recipes—can truly work if you take time to understand a bit about the chemistry behind how the materials work. Here are the five ingredients that I find …


Deck Washing? Ask Annie

Dear Annie, I need to wash my deck and wonder what you suggest. All of the recommendations online are to use bleach. --Len, PA Dear Len, I am glad that you asked. I did a little bit of searching …


Can’t Find Washing Soda? Ask Annie

Hello Annie, I am a recent convert to green cleaning. I have a 2-year-old daughter with health problems and I want to make my home as non-toxic as possible for her. The problem I have run into is tha…


Safe Alternative to Paint Strippers

Working on a restoration project doesn't need to mean poisoning yourself and the environment. Paint strippers are one of the product categories to top the list of those likely to contain high levels o…


Smoke Odor

Do you know how to get rid of the smoke odor from a fireplace insert? The smell wafts into the room, even after the ashes are removed. I have tried placing backing soda in there, but it does not seem …


Natural Way to Clear a Clogged Drain

What would you recommend for a clogged drain? Washing soda is an excellent choice for helping drains stay clear because while it is alkaline—a pH of 11—it isn’t as caustic and damaging as the co…


Fireplace Soot Remover

Get your fireplace ready for Santa with this simple, all-natural formula that removes soot and smoke from the glass in woodstove doors without using harmful solvents. It only calls for one ingredient!…

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Thanks. That's unfortunate - but truly not unusual ... It's just like with us humans: We also don…

Scared again

Give up bacon? Not on your life or mine. Moderation is the key and as the author stated, those who …

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