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Get Off the Bottle and on the Filter

Last year Americans spent 15 billion dollars on bottled water and the sales estimate for 2007 is 16 billion dollars. One can argue that itís money down the drain because the truth has been watered dow…


A Greenie’s Top 10 Wish List

Because of my health problems I have been a non-toxic greenie for 28 years. Since we had so many medical expenses in the early years I used to yearn for the day when I could have an organic bed, or or…


Enough With the Plastic Water Bottles Already

Before I start in on how bad plastic water bottles are let me throw something out there. The folks that this article is intended for are those who already have access to clean drinking water. While …


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Stupid tab - THANK YOU, not "think you" ;)

Our home is surrounded by forest so we have to be diligent about flea and tick control for our anima…

Sounds delicious. Thank you.

It varies a bit year to year, but Northern Europe seems to be consistently high. It's interesting t…

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