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10 Amazing but Endangered Shark Species (Slideshow)

By Michael Graham Richard, TreeHugger There are around 440 known species of sharks! There are many iconic species of sharks - the Great White in the film Jaws was burned into popular culture, f…


Status of the Shark (Infographic)

In honor of Shark Week, Discovery Channel has released a new infographic on the current status of sharks around the world, focused on the threats they face from fishing. Check it out below! Court…


Whale Shark Freed from Fishing Net

A whale shark swims off unharmed after being rescued from a fishing net by conservationists off the coast of Indonesia. Science News by NewsLook var nl_rand = "L4Jk4lxMbLhFZqPP", NewsLook = …


7-Ton Whale Shark Emerges from Sea

Like something out a Jules Vern novel, a 10 meter long whale shark -- the world's largest fish -- emerged from the sea just off the Pakistani coast yesterday.  The enormous whale shark unfortunately w…


Top 5 Endangered Sharks (slideshow)

By Karl Burkart, MNN via Planet Green Shark Week tends to bring out mostly unwarranted fears about shark attacks, but actually sharks are the ones that should be scared ... of humans. As a remi…


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This article forgot to mention that World climate day was the 21st September and if we dont do somet…

Sounds delicious - must try this recipe! Thanks Care2.

Sounds delicious. Due to variable electricity costs the long baking time makes it a week-end only tr…