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7 Overpriced Foods & 11 Worth Every Penny

When it comes to the price of food, I think it's extremely important to remember that a food cannot be judged by its sticker price alone. Whether or not you're actually getting any nutrition from …


Almost Lactose-Free Real Cheese

Ask my lactose-intolerant daughter what she misses eating most, and she speaks for many of the individuals who lack the ability to process most dairy products (roughly 65 percent of all people, accord…


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Even though I knew most of these, it was a nice memory refresher. Thanks Katharine.

How cuuuute, I can´t understand that so many bigger pigs are eaten by humans, I´ve been …

They seem to be making somewhat of a comeback here (seeing more this years than I can remember seein…

The loss of yet more species is NOT sad.. It's bloody irresponsible and we are ALL to blame.. WHO wi…