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True Unity

There is a state of true unity. The rishis called it Brahmi Chetna, "unity consciousness," and declared that it was the goal toward which all other states of consciousness are evolving. Anyone who has…


6 Signs of Spiritual Transformations

The six emergent spiritual properties are clarity of awareness, knowingness, reverence for life, absence of violence, fearlessness and wholeness. Clarity means being awake to yourself around the cl…


Are You Addicted to Your Ego?

Wholeness is safe; duality isn't. Wholeness brings a seamless, unified world, but you will not know what that world feels like until you give your allegiance to a new operating system. Shifting from…


Which Reality Is Real?

Your task is to make wholeness more real in your life. As long as you remain on the level where change is dominant, there is no possibility of truly becoming new. Duality maintains its operating s…


Moving Towards the Light

This affirmation is one expression of spirit, in part summarizing the process of emotional and spiritual healing, shifting our attention from the external world to the inner world, which is the source…


The Difference Between Curing and Healing

The Origins of Pain I saw a patient today who inspired me - letís call her Sally. She suffers from a host of medical conditions that threaten to rob you of your mojo - fibromyalgia, chronic fatig…


How to Live a Whole Life?

Wholeness is the result of connecting body, mind, and soul. In wholeness you arenít divided against yourself; therefore the choices you make are beneficial at every level. Once you realize how the s…


Heart Song

Practical Meditation for Busy Souls offers practical and heartfelt guidance to the magic, mystery and wholeness inside each of us, writes Christiane Northrup, M.D. While the book by Margo Adair and Wi…


Spiritual Composting

Life coach and educator Dawna Markova, a Ph.D., gives us Wide Open, a rare book of inspiring lessons from which all of us can learn. Here is her lesson about composting life's pains and tribulations: …


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I think the rooster was jealous. lol

Yes it would be great to see more butterflies around. I hardly see any where I live (NE OH).

I have a pet rooster, Sir Buddy, and YES I HUG HIM!!!! And he soaks up love like a big, feathery sp…

Frank my answer was safety is determined by the user not the drug. Some people can take antibiotics …