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Living With a Misspell-ability

Hereís an ironic, little secret: Iím a writer who canít spell. While I havenít been officially tested, itís safe to say Iíd struggle to make it through my sonís fourth grade spelling test. Speaking of…


3 Questions to Ask When Somebody Hurts You

Mahatma Gandhi suggested turning the other cheek toward the person who slaps you. But doing that is neither always possible nor acceptable. In everyday life, people hurt each other all the time. An…


8 Origins of Popular Sayings (Slideshow)

  Some phrases and sayings have become so engrained in our language that their literal definition has lost all meaning. But a closer look at, well, the origin of these words puts a whole new p…


8 Commonly Mispronounced Words

  Do you ever cringe when you hear someone mangle the pronunciation of a word? Have you ever read a word over and over again in a book and, when you finally hear it said out loud, you're total…


22 Surprising & Weird Word Origins (Slideshow)

Do you think that etymology is boring? If so, well... this may convince you otherwise. The English language has a long and strange history, with Germanic roots that were heavily influenced by waves…


Wisdom from Stephanie Kathan

One of the most important things I've learned from life, is that I'm a powerful creator... and so are you. Our creative power is alive in our imagination. When you imagine the worst, you create the…


When Do Babies Start Talking?

Ten month olds may start using 'mama' and 'dada' in speech. Introduce color and numbers by speaking to them. To develop their speech more, name objects at which they point. Also respond to their babbl…


Words Can Change Your Life

In this video, I talk about the energetic power of words. Learn how to use words to amplify your life.   Related: Happiness is a Choice I Make What I Learned in Berlin This Vlog M…


The Power of Language

Language. It's the preferred method of communication in our culture -- the fuel we use to empower our desires, and to direct and align our energy. Language has immense power, and its impact depends en…


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Natalie S: " if further research does confirm the link between probiotics and stress relief." The a…

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