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Shocking Number of Deaths Linked to Air Pollution

The World Health Organization (WHO) released new estimates on air pollution, revealing that seven million premature deaths in 2012 are the result of air pollution exposure. This staggering number is t…


Acupuncture: A Drug-Free Option for Chronic Pain

by Staness Jonekos, Contributor to Acupuncture on, Author of Menopause Makeover According to the American Academy of Pain Medicine, pain affects more Americans than diabetes, h…


Does Coffee Cause Cancer?

Itís not just cell phones the WHO calls carcinogens. Now, according to†this article, theyíve added coffee and pickled veggies to the list as well. Most of us arenít chowing down regularly on pickle…


8 Ways To Reduce Your Risk of Cancer From Cell Phones

When I heard from the†Associated Press that the World Health Organization just released†this statement announcing that cell phones may indeed be carcinogenic, I felt my breath catch in my throat as I …


Death Trip: Avoid Becoming a Statistic

True story: When my son was born, we had a few days in the hospital to recover, rejoice, and regroup before we set out into the world, and our new lives as parents. On our last morning as hospital res…


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the sleep wave is a good way to put it. i recently discovered by accident that ginger stems in m…

Wow, this is an AWESOME article. Thank you for sharing and compiling this information. It is very pr…

Cancer is a fungus. Cancer is a fungus - the book by Dr. T. Simoncini Dr. Simoncini cancer ther…

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