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Robot Parents to Replace Human Counterparts?

Children are becoming more and more reliant upon technology for nearly everything. Whether it is entertainment, education, or even comfort, contemporary children have cultivated a real, and undeniable…


Sex, Power and Marketing Jell-O to Monkeys

Adam Smith, famed 18th century economist and author of The Wealth of Nations, asserted that the practice of exchanging goods and services for money was an exclusively human thing to do. ''Nobody ever…


Maybe, Just Maybe, There is Such a Thing as a Foodaholic

With obesity being as evidently rampant as it is in this country, with rates hovering in the 25 percent range for the entire country, and eating disorders and general nutritional decline being what it…


Kids Can Be Gardeners Too (2 videos)

Digging in at Yale's Sustainable Garden Yale is one of many colleges that are now operating an organic vegetable garden. The garden has 300 varieties of plants, and is staffed by student volunt…


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I've found that the biggest deficiency affecting your mood is when your thyroid is out of balance. …

MELISSA - Have you ever heard of a SPONTANEOUS abortion that has nothing to do with a matter of choi…

I'm in a bad mood if I do not eat.

This video is toooooooo cute! It really made my day :) Thanks!