Tai Chi to Lose Weight and Ease Depression

The University of Queensland, Australia has released an exciting study for anyone looking to lose weight.  Researchers found that the gentle, yet powerful, exercise known as tai chi helps with obesity and excess weight, in a number of ways.  The scientists discovered that tai chi:

  • Improves body mass index (BMI–an indicator for healthy weight);
  • Reduces the amount of abdominal fat and overall waist measurements;
  • Improves blood sugar balance–a critical element for maintaining a healthy weight or to lose weight;
  • Reduces high blood pressure;
  • Significantly reduces depression; and
  • Improves the body’s use of insulin (insulin resistance)–a significant factor for weight gain and diabetes, among other serious health conditions.

Founded in China thousands of years ago, tai chi is a graceful set of gentle movements designed to improve the flow of chi–energy–throughout the body, promoting health and healing.  This form of exercise is suitable for most people, including those suffering from injuries and illness.

This exciting new research proves the effectiveness of an ancient mind-body healing practice that has been in use for thousands of years in China.

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Michelle Schoffro Cook, PhD.


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