Do You Live In A Slow Home? (Take the Test!)

“Simplicity means the achievement of maximum effect with minimum means.” ~ Albert Einstein

What is a Slow Home?
Think of a Slow Home as you would think about Slow Food. Or, think about the opposite of Slow Food Ė processed food. That would equate a fast home as a standardized, homogeneous, wasteful home that is not advantageous for the environment, making it like nasty fast food for our bodies. The interiors and exteriors of Slow Homes tread lightly. They are simple to live in, benefit the environment and help to keep inhabitants of the home healthy.

Slow Home Studio claims: “The difference between a fast house and a Slow Home is not defined by style, size, age, type or cost but by the quality of the underlying design. Itís about the fundamental organizational decisions that define how well the house responds to its context, how efficiently the rooms are organized together, and how effectively each individual space functions. In a fast house, this underlying design is flawed. In a Slow Home the underlying design is logical, effective and helps to make our lives easier while reducing our environmental impact.”

Is your home Slow or Fast?
The research indicates that only 10 percent of North American houses are Slow – 20 percent have significant design problems that make them fast. The remaining 70 percent of houses fall somewhere in between these two extremes and depending on the specifics of their design, they may or may not be Slow.

Take the test:
Most people donít know how to tell the difference between a fast house and a Slow Home (I didn’t). Take the Slow Home Test to find out.

My home scored a not-very-promising 11, making it a marginally fast home. It’s not at all what I expected. Might be time to slow up. How did your home score?


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Sorry, but I didn't care for the test. I get what it was trying to promote, but the "Slow Home" described in the link didn't really address environmental issues and was pretty vague. Meh.

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