Testing Lead Levels in Baby Bald Eagles

Researchers on Prince Edward Island are taking blood samples from eagle nestlings to better understand why lead is showing up in an increasing number of dead and injured bald eagles in Atlantic Canada.

Researchers Monitor Lead Levels in Baby Bald Eagles

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Photo Credit: ahisgett via Flickr


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Dale Overall

Had to read about this as the video is "unavailable" in my part of the world. Lead is a deadly toxin which should be avoided at all costs! Fish in the oceans carry this toxin as well.

New G.
W. C.4 years ago

Thank you.

Cynthia H.
Cynthia H.4 years ago

Not surprising. Humans are ruining every bit of environment that they touch.

Valentina R.
Valentina R.4 years ago

A very important test for the eagles' survival.

Valerie A.
Valerie A.4 years ago


Bob P.
Bob P.4 years ago

thanks for sharing

Alison A.
Alison A.4 years ago

Thanks for posting.

donald baumgartner

Thanks for the article!!

Leiah Sariell
Leiah Sariell4 years ago

Let the animals live! Don't touch them. In my opinion all stuff what you put on animals is wrong...definetely wrong. That is not science because the animals suffer of all of those things!!!

David N.
David N.4 years ago

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