10 Big Global Warnings We Ignored

Environmental groups and scientists have been warning us for years to first test a product or technology before putting it out into the environment or into someone’s body. Unfortunately, the world did not always listen. Yes, laws have been passed and changed and fudged to allow thousands of chemicals to make their way into our waterways and bloodstreams; and while there are some who take action for change there are still too many with their head stuck in the sand of denial. Today in the spirit of bashing BP and all those individuals who have made greed motivated decisions concerning our health and the welfare of our planet, I present you with the Big 10 Global Warnings We Ignored.

1. Off-shore drilling is a disaster waiting to happen.

2. Roundup pesticides will create super weeds.

3. Overuse of antibiotics will create resistance to bacteria.

4. Toxic chemicals can cross the umbilical cord barrier.

5. Smoking causes lung cancer.

6. Eating fast foods can cause childhood obesity.

7. Eating GMO foods may cause serious health problems.

8. Sewage sludge is poison and should not be used on farmland.

9. Eating a vegetarian diet can help prevent global warming.

10. Over prescribing of pharmaceutical medications can lead to death.


Ajla C.
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Freya T.
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Do we all have our heads up our a**es?

Cheryl B.
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Cheryl B.
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Mary Beth M.
Mary Beth M4 years ago

It's hard to believe anyone missed these. It seems as those these are well known. Tragic, sad, but known none the less.

Eddie C.
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The one that makes the most sense is #9 Going vegan, Not only can it slow global warming, but it can save the earth and your future. Livestock production is destroying the rainforest, destroying your bodies, destroying the rivers, streams, and oceans. Big Pharma is getting billions from you to fight the effects of animal fat in your bodies. Live healthy and live clean, and prevent the suffering and death of an innocent bystander to man's excessive apatite as a wonderful bonus!

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Thanks for the article.

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Great article =)
Thanks =)