The Answer to All Questions

If I only had one word to describe and answer the questions I have posed to myself since I have been a little girl, the word would be Love.

I would wish people were able to reach out to one another, to share, to cooperate, and to serve, realizing there is nothing to lose by being open-hearted, generous and fearless. There are only two emotions – love and fear – that determine our success and our joy in life. If one chooses love, there can be no fear because that person is willing to risk being different, unique, and to walk with dignity no matter what challenges surface.

As a sensitive being, unaware that energy in our thoughts and actions create either our greatest pleasures or our greatest challenges, it was hard for me to observe people, understand how they affected me, themselves, and the world around them. For so many emotions, behaviors and reactions are happening around us and also entering our energy field, which causes us to either feel safe or afraid. As we are sensory beings, we must discover we are connected to each other and the Universal Source of life, and as such, have immense potential and responsibility to grow and change, enabling us to live a prosperous, healthy physical and spiritual life.

I have learned this can be accomplished quite simply by following your intuition, inner judgment, developing your own talents and goals and knowing yourself to be a magnificent conscious, living aspect of the Divine Wisdom of the Ages, which flows through the DNA of every living person on this planet. Therefore, when you search within yourself for what makes you unique and special, you will find that the gift of life, your life, is exactly right for your human experience and journey and you will trust yourself to respond to the higher values of Spirit and the Universal Laws of Energy.

Ridding yourself of the restrictions, fears and limitations of your earlier life is the benefit for those who work to go within. Meditation and the study of the magnificent work of writers, artists, spiritualists, medical professionals, educators, and religious leaders – who all in one way or another seek the answers to the questions, “Who are we?”, “Where do we come from?”, and “Where we are going?” – help us to keep an open mind and an open heart to receive many viewpoints and greater love into our lives.

When each of us can go merely beyond our self interests, love of family, friends, and our own pursuits, and reach out beyond the comfortable limits of our everyday life for the larger view of existence, we must be able to let go of human weaknesses-control, manipulation and judgment. Then we will be on the way to becoming what we have forgotten, that we are loving, respectful, compassionate, grateful, humble, patient, and ever expanding souls and citizens of the world and Universe.

SHERYL GLICK is an accredited energy healer and medium from Long Island. She is the author of The Living Spirit and Life Is No Coincidence: The Life and Afterlife Connection. For more essays on the power of love, please visit


Adeel Humayun
Adeel Humayun2 years ago

Thank you .

Melanie Simon
Melanie Simon2 years ago

Lovely words, thankyou.

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Claudia V2 years ago

Thanks for sharing

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Janis K.
Janis K2 years ago

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Rose Roma
Rose R2 years ago

Bless Sheryl G. Always discern the message roots. "Love", like so much else ("fair", "honest", "peace"), has to be firmly redefined, reclaimed, discovered, nurtured beginning with us. Too often there is a bliss quid pro quo expectation or a capitalist society bargaining going on inside. So keep that self renewing outward flow of love strong. Make it your essence it is your strength. So many sociopaths seem to take advantage, but they DO fade away. That said, John C., start with love.

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Danuta W2 years ago

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