Gentle Giant Manatee (video)

While we are all so caught up in the terrible things happening around the globe, take a moment to watch this peaceful video of the gentle manatee.

Sadly, there aren’t many of them left.

12 Animals Threatened by the Oil Spill

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LMj Sunshine

Amazing, thank you!

LMj Sunshine

Amazing, thank you!

An W.
Angela Weber4 years ago

They are so gentle and calm. Humans have a lot to learn from such beings!

Neil A.
Neil A.4 years ago

Unfortunately another animal that suffers due to thoughtless & careless humans.
Very calming video.

Veronica G.4 years ago

Wonderful film; almost as beneficial as meditation! The combination of the gentle manatees and the music is sublime!

K s Goh
KS Goh4 years ago

Thanks for the article.

Nellie K A.
Nellie K Adaba5 years ago

Go, Manatee, go!

Andrea M.
Andrea M.5 years ago

Manatees are such beautiful animals. I haven't known about them for very long (maybe 15 years at the most), but to lose them would be a huge tragedy. Thank you for sharing the video-it has inspired me to do more to save them.

Lyndel Thomas
Lyndel Thomas5 years ago

Chris, thank you so much for this beautiful video, but what is that gorgeous music? I don't think it is the 'Manatee waltz' as one youtube video suggested. I am glad that the dear soul does not know what we know about the precarious state of the oceans and Mother Earth.

Robyn F.
Robyn O'Neill5 years ago

We shouldn't anthropomorphize animals but I know it's hard not to do so. Animals should be understood on their own terms because this is what will really save them. And save them we must. Nothing is more important in this world than its plants and inhabitants and animals do include humans. Didn't anyone see "Wall-E"? This is the kind of proselyizing we need, not promises of heaven after we die.