The Gifts of Cosmic Consciousness

In cosmic consciousness we are still in this world–-waking dreaming, and sleeping—and yet we are connected to our source in waking, dreaming and sleeping. Like a light at the door that shines inside the room and outside the room, we are in both places. When this happens, synchronicity, chance encounters and hidden clues increase. We start to understand the power of intention. We start to watch our internal dialogue, and we say, I know that how I speak to myself actually causes things to change in my physiology, in my world.

In cosmic consciousness, we find that relationship is the most important thing in life; everything in life is a confluence of relationships. We begin to see that everything is a balance between feminine and masculine energies, the yin and yang, and anytime there is more of one than the other, we are out of balance. Right now, we need to reawaken the feminine because the dominance of the masculine has led to belligerence, arrogance, and aggression, the very problems we see in the world right now.

In cosmic consciousness, we are aware that we are not the physical body, nor are we the mind and all the roles we play. We are the silent witness, and a sense of freedom and liberation comes out of this awareness.
We are involved in our roles, and yet we are free at the same time. We recognize that after death our spirit will continue to play other roles, and we feel more ease. As we abide in cosmic consciousness and allow it to blossom, the universe plays itself through us, and the whole dance of life becomes effortless.

Adapted from Power, Freedom, and Grace, by Deepak Chopra (Amber Allen, 2006).


Darren Woolsey
Darren Woolsey3 years ago

Very very interesting post contribution . . . thank you for sharing. For further research, please check out P.D. Ouspensky's "In Search of the Miraculous: Fragments of an Unknown Teaching" and also G.I. Gurdjieff's "All & Everything" series of books.

wchi wink
.4 years ago

the more i practice synchronicity with the cosmos, and learn to keep my great "home" frequency, the more i naturally eliminate all relationships that "pull" me down, instead of "up-lifting" me...!
Love you Deepak!

Mukesh R.
Mukesh Ramteke4 years ago

thank you

Linda Chambre
Linda Chambre4 years ago

I was very depressed and the meds didn't help, yes I got better through meditation. You can go to Youtube and find many meditations there. They have helped me tremendously and any time I feel down, I go there and will participate in a meditation. Try it you'll like it.

Jennifer C.
Past Member 4 years ago

Thank you.

Abbe A.
Azaima A4 years ago

thank you

Beverly G.
bev g5 years ago


Beverly G.
bev g5 years ago

also TO ADD aeve started praying in the last year or so , and im not christened, but i just feel like to do this. GOD BLESS ALL THE ANIMALS AND GOD BLESS THIS PLANET. man I HAVE HATRED FOR. i hate man,

Beverly G.
bev g5 years ago

CHARLES G, you are so right . All people are getting so stressed and depressed now, everyone i talk to albeit strangers in shops feel very depressed with the way the worlds going today. Ive felt like this for a long long tiem, years and years as i suffer with anxirty and depression i always fear the worst and i an suspicious and cynical of all. Governments who run countries are a load of shit, they really are lookiing after themselves , number one , not the laymen, the peasant, as we are to them. But they forget that we are the people who have got and put them there in a way, through all the peolple going to work, and paying taxes . Its been the same thought out history all along. It wont change , its getting worse, foods very expensive, and the world is overpopulated, plus they are killijg all the animals , making them all extinct, for OIL , MONEY and GREED. They dont wake up and smell the roses. I dont think anybody does. and I mean really think about it all , with whats going on, have some compassion and get down on the ground literally, look at the grass and the tress , lay and look up at the sky ,day or night, see the ants and the bees. Its a wonderful world and beautiful, its a graden of Eden. but MAN is killing it , killing it with greed and oil spills. Sickening, sadm, and it breaks my heart. Im 56 and i can see where its all going. I say my prayers for the animals and this world and yet im ot christened or a church goer, iver just started this in the

Jane H.
Jane H5 years ago

Thank you.....I need to get to this place. Thaink I can get there via meditation.