The Good Color

Revitalize a room with a fresh coat of paint. Itís affordable, fun, and can even be environmentally friendly, thanks to the many companies manufacturing eco paints. Here are a few we like:

Above: Poster-size color swatches from Portland, Oregon-based company†Yolo Colorhouse, a zero VOC paint line. These user-friendly samples come with repositionable tape on the back, allowing you to try colors on various without having to mark any walls.

Above: Green Planet Paints are zero-VOC paints made from plant resins and mineral pigments, available in three finishes: flat, eggshell, and semigloss.

Above: We love Mythic Paint because its non-toxic solution provides the coverage you expect from a premium paint, but does not emit cancer-causing toxins after application.

Above: The Old-Fashioned Milk Paint Company develops environmentally safe, non-toxic colors that are great for use on home interiors of those with allergies, as well as children’s furniture and toys. Their milk paint for walls has a slight milky odor when applied, but it dries to be completely odorless.

To see more non-toxic varieties, check out Remodelista’s post 10 Easy Pieces: Eco-Friendly Paints.




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Thx for the info!

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White walls are naked!

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Color can help to raise your spirits and make life better.

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Thanks! Colors make a difference in one's life and well being.

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thanks for the information. It's good to see so many companies
are making an effort to create safe paints.

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I was really hoping for more information about the paint, not just an advertisement.

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I like this, hope they where available in Mexico though

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