The Healing Power of Water

Would you believe that drinking water is one of the most healing things you can do for your body?† Itís trueóas long as it is pure, filtered, alkaline water. Yet most water is acidic. Water that measures less than 7 on the pH scale is acidic; water thatís higher than 7 is alkaline.† To support life, water needs to be on the alkaline side of the spectrum, much like our bodies.

Drinking pure, alkaline water is critical to great health.† I believe that most of the diseases plaguing people in the Western world could not occur in a pH-balanced body.† Based on research for my book, The Ultimate pH Solution here are some of the disorders that may be linked to excess acidity*:

Alzheimerís disease
Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (Lou Gehrigís disease)
Bone Fractures
Candidiasis (candida albicans infection)
Cardiovascular disease
Chronic fatigue syndrome
Chronic infections
Heart disease
High blood pressure
High cholesterol
Hormonal imbalances
Immune deficiencies
Insulin insensitivity
Kidney disease
Multiple sclerosis
Muscular dystrophy
Parkinsonís disease
Premature aging
Premature hair graying
Prostate problems
Tooth decay and loss of teeth
Weight problems

*This list is expansive but by no means exhaustive.


Most tap water is highly acidic due to the addition of various chemicals.† Donít assume that bottled water is necessarily a better option than tap water. Most bottled water is of questionable quality and largely made up of tap water plus the off-gassing of chemicals from the plastic in which it is stored. Most bottled water is extremely acidic making it harmful to your health and the health of the planet too.

Water filtration is a necessary part of our modern life. There are many water filtration systems that eliminate some of the harmful toxins or microbes but few systems that also raise the pH of water to increase its healing powers. For more information about water alkalizing visit

Every cell in your body depends on adequate water to ensure proper functioning. Every person has individual water needs but if you are smaller than average and in excellent health your water needs will obviously be lower than someone who is obese and in poor health.† To learn more about balancing your body chemistry check out my book, The Ultimate pH Solution.

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Spencer Young
Spencer Young3 years ago

Water heals from the inside out but comes from the outside in!!

Cheril Lewis
Cheril Lewis3 years ago

Water has so many healing powers. In fact, the spa originated as a place to take advantage of the healing waters. Read more here...

Edward Wilkes
3 years ago

Great information

Judy Apelis
Judy Apelis3 years ago

Great Information!

PrimaAWAY B.
PrimaAWAY B.3 years ago

I basically live off of water. I believe it helps us both physically and emotionally.
This was a great article !!! I loved it. Thank You so much for posting it.

Jennah F.
Jennah F.3 years ago


Val M.
Val M.3 years ago


Oh Lay Hoon
Oh Hui Xin3 years ago

We have never ever doubt the healing powers of water, since doctors always advise patients to drink lots of it when they are sick to prevent dehydration.

Harshiita Sharma
Harshita Sharma3 years ago


Liling O.3 years ago

Never ever doubt the power of water.
Drinking sufficient water really make us healthier....