The Love of Fostering Kittens (videos)

Every year, my family fosters a few mama cats and their kittens. We turn our downstairs guest bathroom into their own private suite and thus our forever kitties do not get their fur too ruffled by these temporary interlopers.

Fostering, it turns out, is a fabulous way to let you and/or your kids have a kitten experience without adding to the cat overpopulation problem. The commitment is short-term (usually no more than 6 weeks) and you just may save a few lives. When shelters are overcrowded, even kittens are euthanized. Fostering a mama cat and her kittens most definitely gives them a second lease on life.

The Humane Society and the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, plus other small local groups, are always looking for foster families, so please consider opening up your home and heart to a furry family in need. The hardest part of fostering is, of course, having to give them up after weeks of bonding, but as I tell my daughters – it is better to have loved and to have lost, than to never have loved at all.

To find out if fostering is right for you, click here to learn more about the costs and commitment — and how to get started.

Whether or not you have the resources to adopt or foster, enjoy the cute (and very short videos) of our foster kitten, SmokeyBear and his mama, Cleocatra.

In the above video, SmokeyBear is not sure if this leopard-patterned toy is something to play with or something to be afraid of. I love his tiny tail sticking up like an exclamation point and the way he prances around unsure of what to do! Pure fuzzy cuteness.

In the second video on the next page, you can see SmokeyBear’s mama trying to give her fur ball a bath, but he, like most kids, wants nothing to do with getting washed and just wants to play!

The 411 on Fostering
3 Ways to Help Animals in Need

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Magdalena J.
Past Memberabout a year ago

Thank you!

Carrie-Anne Brown

thanks for sharing :) glad they both went up for adoption :)

Cherise U.
Cherise U.2 years ago

SmokeyBear and his Mama just went up for adoption today. We will miss them both!

Donna Ferguson
Donna F.2 years ago

very cute--ty!

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Mary L.
Mary L.2 years ago

Adorable! Thanks for the share and a happy morning.

Fi T.
Fi T.2 years ago

Mutually beneficial to the fosterer and the fosteree

Alexandra Gundelfingen
Alexandra G.2 years ago

Soooo cute, I love them ::))

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Sonali G.
Sonali G.2 years ago

Thanks. Nice bi o' music too