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The Medical Miracle You’ll Get Arrested for Using

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Moreover, by shutting down reputable marijuana dispensaries, it will only force those who legitimately depend upon it to alleviate their suffering to enter the (sometimes dangerous) black market.

As Seattle Weekly wrote:

“Landlords, worried the feds will steal their property, will tell dispensaries to move out. Banks won’t handle money for pot-themed businesses. Dispensaries will be taxed so heavily they won’t be able to cover the payroll or pay the electric bill.

… An estimated one million people in California have obtained a doctor’s recommendation to grow and use marijuana legally. Patient estimates in Washington are hazier, but the number is thought to be around 100,000.

If the feds shut down every dispensary in the country, all these people will still be able to legally possess marijuana—no matter where they bought it—under their state laws. The only difference is they’ll be forced to go back to buying their weed from Mexican drug cartels, rather than from Americans who provide jobs and pay taxes.”

What are the Medical Uses for Marijuana?

In order to really comprehend the movement behind medical marijuana, you must first understand that this herb truly does show outstanding promise as a medicinal plant. The studies conducted so far show significant potential for the use of cannabis in the prevention and treatment of a wide range of health conditions, including cancer.

For instance, in 2009 a study in the journal Cancer Prevention Research found that marijuana smokers have a lower risk of head and neck cancers than non-marijuana smokers.

Harvard researchers also found that THC in marijuana cuts tumor growth in lung cancer while significantly reducing its ability to spread. There is also a wealth of research linking marijuana with pain relief and improved sleep. In one recent study, just three puffs of marijuana a day for five days helped those with chronic nerve pain to relieve pain and sleep better.

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Dr. Mercola

Dr. Mercola has been passionate about health and technology for most of his life. As a doctor of osteopathic medicine, he treated many thousands of patients for over 20 years. In the mid 90’s he integrated his passion for natural health with modern technology via the internet and developed a website, to spread the word about natural ways to achieve optimal health.


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8:50AM PDT on Mar 9, 2014

The Ayurvedic Understanding of Marijuana

11:30PM PDT on Apr 26, 2013

There is marijuana and then there is hemp, but the US government has stashed both under the same legislation and made the growing of both illegal.

Hemp lacks the TCH of marijuana and can be used in making fabric, food stuffs and all manner of other products. Did you know that 3 tbsp of hemp seeds equals 10 grams of plant based protein? I eat hemp seeds as a way to get my protein but not eat as much animal based protein.

Marijuana for medicinal use is another issue. The TCH as I understand, is the most active ingredient that gives it the pain relieving qualities. I do agree that the smoke really stinks, but then to me, so does tobacco. I have heard many people with various chronic illnesses and pain say that marajuana is the best product for relieving their pain. Some say that they do not become addicted to it when used this way. Perhaps that is because the marijuana is being used to counteract the pain and therefore does not build up in the system in the same way. What we have to do is come to a point of being able to provide pain management to those who need it.

12:06PM PDT on Mar 24, 2013

This should be legalized...

10:54PM PDT on Jun 11, 2012

This has been a long going battle for decades.. if it is used medicinally, it should be legalized. Too many are in prisons even for a small possesion of it, which is totally wrong. If you want it legaized, vote for Ron Paul!!

3:42PM PDT on Mar 13, 2012

The two aspects to consider when determining whether a substance should be illegal are:

(1) whether it is physically addictive, and if so, whether basically all users are addicted after a short period of time (under this test, cigarettes would be deemed illegal), or whether casual users can safely indulge without a physical dependence (like alcohol and marijuana - notably, marijuana does not cause any physical dependence, unlike alcohol, which can with heavy use); and

(2) whether overdoses can occur, leading to serious complications or death, and how likely/easy it is to achieve such a high toxicity load that overdose would occur (alcohol can certainly lead to acute overdose and death; marijuana cannot).

"Harder" drugs would fail either or both of these tests, the two major issues with substances that should be considered when determining legality. While nicotine and alcohol each fail one of the tests, marijuana passes both.

12:58AM PST on Feb 28, 2012

OK- I hold no brief for or against Marijuana- I have smoked it, and know the effects and side effects..BUT- to say it is harmless, as it is 'a herb and a flower' is just irresponsible...for God's sake- so are Aconite and Deadly nightshade- lethal poisons both! Don't confuse source with effects- huh?

4:45PM PST on Feb 22, 2012

I am so sick of druggies whining about pot (it's up there with hearing white males whine about suffering prejudice/racism). It's ridiculous the excuses people come up with to get a license and get high every day. I live in California, so I know, begrudgingly, because of family, friends, classmates, and strangers. It's bad enough to walk down the street and get bombarded with toxic tobacco smoke, but the fact that I have to deal with pot smoke almost as often is insane. And it's not healthy; just like tobacco, cocaine, and shrooms: it may be in nature, but that doesn't make it natural to consume or mean that it maintains its natural state once in drug form. People are incredibly reckless as it is. It's people who drive high we need to worry about even more than drunks, because these idiots think it's safe. Drugs are called drugs for a reason! Don't make pathetic excuses or hyperbolic comparisons! What a world!

2:31PM PST on Feb 20, 2012

The plant was in pharmaceutical preparations, in about 60% of them. Petrolatum companies and the Hearst wood people were wanting the plant it be illegal. It was introduced to congress as Marijuana a most potent plant that would destroy Americans. Congress understood the biological name. Marijuana was a Mexican name meaning 'with out seeds'. With yellow journalism, fake stories about the results of smoking it, A lot of lies being told about it got it in the drug wars. This whole thing has be made to stop this plant.
There are about 250 different items can be made from it. Some of the products that can be made with the plant is cheaper to make then from processing wood or petroleum products.
So we have draconian laws, and destroy families, and put people in jail so those companies have a clear field to sell in.
So all of the dread connected with this plant has been caused by people wanting to control the market to their personal benefit.
Having this much control of the market is rude and debilitating to the people.
There is more people in jail behind this plant then any other reasons.
There are more jails being built (for private industries) thousands of people are killed because
of the criminal element being involved.
People are going to use a plant for whatever the reason, no matter what the laws say.
They ( the laws)are actually illegal. They were made because of lies, and deception.
The cost on lives and living conditions is beyond

9:00AM PST on Feb 20, 2012

For a stubbed toe? No way! In Canada, at least, only certain chronic or terminal diseased patients can be authorized to use medical marijuana, with a doctor's approval.

8:07AM PST on Feb 20, 2012

I support medical marijuana. But, California has discovered how a poorly written law can contribute to problems in its distribution. Medical marijuana for a stubbed toe? I'm sure some of the references in the article are biased. That said, some patients certainly deserve the relief they may get from marijuana. No doubt some of them are already taking more addicting pain killers with side effects already.

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