The Mystery of Creation

There is no difference between what is happening in your inner world and what is happening in your outer world. The outer world is just a reflection of your inner world. The world is a mirror of your mind, and your mind is a mirror of the world. But you are neither your mind nor the world; you are the creator of both. Even that idea is only a partial truth because there are no inner and outer worlds. There is only the self-interaction of the one being, infinite consciousness.

If you could really understand this, then you would realize that you are not a solid body that exists in space and time. The essence of your being is the source of space and time. Your soul co-creates with the source of all creation. As you wake up to this awareness, you realize there is nothing you cannot create.

Then one day, the consciousness that seems to be “inside” you merges with the consciousness that seems to be “outside” you, and you see the whole universe as your own manifestation.

Adapted from Power, Freedom and Grace by Deepak Chopra (Amber-Allen Publishing Inc., 2006).


Michele Wilkinson

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That makes absolute sense. The inner world and the outer world makes us who we are. Hate ending sentences with verbs. Anyway, we need to learn more about things to make us more well rounded. That would keep all of us from being so dogmatic and judgmental. We are all so different and unique individuals and a we all have different inner and outer worlds. Somewhere in between those two worlds create our actions meld together. These are the things that make our substance, and creativity. The actions that make you who you are, is part of your profile and individual signature.

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When some children are mistreated under the age of five, they create a separate personality to deal with the mistreatment. I have known children and adults with multiple personalities; so when Deepak is speaking, he does not seem to be speaking of the mentally ill or the poor or the children of abuse. Rational people can learn to create inner peace when chaos is all around them but if you believe in God then He is the only Creator; man is responsible for the state of the world as it is what we have done to what has been created and the suffering of the children and others is caused by what we have done. Working with children and families, I know how sad it is but always there is a ray of hope and I believe they can regain their balance with a lot of work and help. There is always sunshine somewhere.

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Thank for your message Deepak.

Also appreciate comments by Care 2 members.

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thanks for shaing.

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On a side note,some of you,or many of you have not learned any lessons with his inspirational messages.If you have,you wouldn't make comments about my love life,AKA SUNNY,and other parts of my real life,which has nothing to do with care2.Remember,as you are judging me,and trying to GET ME,I too am judging.But it gives me great satisfaction to have the awareness that you are all judging in me,what is the very issue you refuse to deal with,within yourselves.Have a wonderful day,night.

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Brillant!!!!!.Excellent!!!!!!!!!!.I needed to read those very words tonight.Amazing.