The Obomney Campaign: Obama v Romney on Energy & Environment

WARNING:†this is an opinion piece. I will try to present facts, but Iím not an unbiased news source.

Oh boy. Whether you are rooting for the guy who got†Clint Eastwood to babble to an empty chair (Mitt Romney),†or the guy who is tap dancing as fast as he can in the†White House to the ďbe patient. hope is on the wayĒ song (President Barack Obama), you know this is a critical crossroad in our countryís history. The ideologies of the two main political parties have gotten so strange that by 50-year-old standards Obama would be considered conservative and Romney wouldnít be taken seriously at all.

I was always a†Hillary gal, but in 2008, I rallied behind the man of hope and was surprisingly inspired when he indeed took office. The country was hitting some harsh realities and the mere whiff of hope and change created a magical sense that we could suck it up and go through our growing pains and band together to become a stronger nation again. Lots of airy rhetoric and it worked . . . for like 5 minutes. Then the backlash of opposition turned the beltway into crazy town with all kinds of crazy talk about demolishing access to womenís healthcare; getting rid of the EPA; and giving personal rights to corporations. Ok. Iím probably exaggerating on these things, but thatís how it felt.

The†Tea Party faction became cement in the intestines of our federal government to the point of painful and dangerous legislative constipation. Seems to me it is a miracle ANYTHING happened these last 3.5 years!

Obama proved to be less effective at Presidential governing than he was at campaigning. Most liberals feel that he compromised too much; the conservatives never enough. Itís been a tenuous and rough go for Obamaís first term (and possibly only) the oval office.

While lacking luster, did his policies keep us from going deeper into economic disaster? Hard to tell, but Iíve been trying to pay attention to his policies regarding the environment, energy and agriculture (GMOs specifically). Heís got a bit of a track-record regarding these things, where Romney has none. Although if you look to the RNC platform, it is easy to see where Romney draws his environmental and energy planks from.

In my opinion, as a Green Diva, Obama has better environmental and energy plans than Romney overall (and as I stated earlier somewhat of a track-record). Itís an imperfect plan that involves steps towards energy independence via homeland/offshore drilling and tapping into natural gas reserves presumably via fracking. This concerned me deeply and I decided to run a GD poll on the†GD Facebook page. Hereís what we got so far (please feel free to weigh in!):

How do you feel about the DNC plank on energy, which includes steps towards greater oil independence, but also includes new drilling and tapping natural gas reserves (which presumably means fracking)?

  • A step in the right direction Ė Iím voting for Obama:†65%
  • Not acceptable Ė Iím voting for Romney:†4%
  • Need to learn more about both partyís stance on drilling & fracking:†4%
  • This issue doesnít affect my decision Ė†Iím for Obama: 17%
  • This issue doesnít affect my decision Ė†Iím for Romney: 5%
  • This issue doesnít affect my decision Ė†Iím not voting for either of them: 5%

Here are a few great comments from green divas & dudes that took this GD poll:

ďObama is still the better choice, but he needs to be more informed about fracking and frac-sand mining. A least I know Obama will listen.Ē
ďObama doesnít go far enough and Romney is clueless. We need to kick oil and coal decades ago. Iím voting Green, Iím voting for Jill Stein.Ē
ďIím voting for Obama regardless. BUT, coal is not clean ,and fracking is horrible. More renewable energy sources are necessary.Ē
ďI donít care, Iím Canadian hahahahah. We have our own idiots.Ē

To see details, including specific energy and environmental plans and policies, direct quotes from each candidate, Obama’s surprising track-record on GMOs, and of course more green diva analysis, please visit Green Diva Meg’s full Obomney on Energy & Environment post



Lea J.
Lea Johnson4 years ago


Patricia H.
Patricia H.4 years ago

let your voice be heard VOTE

Magyar Girl
Past Member 4 years ago

They BOTH stink!

Winn Adams
Winn Adams4 years ago

Romney and Ryan really are not to be believed. They are so out of tough with reality I can't imagine them holding ANY elected office let alone asking to be elected to be our President and our Vice President. There is no doubt in my mind that America and its citizens will be much better off re-electing President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden.

Blue K.
Blue Kelly4 years ago

i would vote for jill and the green party, but i think it would end up being a vote for rich and richer, so even tho i know to be president in this country you have to be somebody's bitch, i would rather not vote for the creeps such as rove, cheney, cuz if you cant figure that crew out, your brain has gone over to fox news and the real darkside.

Nancy L.
Nancy G.4 years ago

Romney will open Oil drilling to national parks in Utah if elected, and other state's as well I say hell no

William H. Russell
William Russell4 years ago

Too bad most Americans are uninformed as there is a choice on the ballot that would actually clear the debt and get government out of your lives. On election day, vote Libertarian, vote for Gary Johnson.

Sandy Erickson
Sandy Erickson4 years ago


Keith F.

I believe that both parties have some soul searching to do. Its sad to see how corporate America dictates so many of the choices.....

John S.
Past Member 4 years ago

Thanks for a fair examination. Both men have views of what will get the USA economy growing again, the question is will that be done now or in 20 years? A plan for what you want in 20 years always look better than what you can do in 3 years, but invariable will not be realized. I'd rather see someone that tackles short term problems and long term solutions with a mixture of incentives and disincentives based on realities.