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The Vegan Athlete Uprising

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The Vegan Athlete Uprising

There are many misconceptions about the affects of a vegan diet on the body. Most people assume that a person who consumes absolutely no animal products would have problems summoning enough energy or strength to tackle even the simple tasks required in daily life, and certainly not enough to be a successful athlete.

Despite the alarming amount of people, misinformed about veganism, who believe the diet will leave the body weak and depleted, more and more vegan athletes are turning heads entering the field, stadium, ring, track, and court.

Regardless of the sport, or player’s diet, an athlete needs to pay close attention to the following in order to maintain optimum health and fitness: vitamins and minerals, protein, fats, and carbohydrates. All of these things are found in a responsible vegan diet of vegetables, fruits, grains, legumes, nuts, and seeds, most often in a healthier form than receiving them through animal products.

The public often attempts to ignore or discredit the exorbitant amounts of data continuing to conclude that veganism is the healthiest diet, however, vegan athletes are irrefutable proof that a vegan can be energetic and well-nourished enough to compete with and often beat, athletes who swear by a meat based diet.

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Laura Shults

Laura Shults is working to spread peace through veganism, and is devoted to finding the truth through love and harmony.


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10:48AM PDT on Apr 6, 2012

Great Info! thank you for sharing :) I hope more people read this and realize that you dont have to kill and abuse to be healthy...

8:25AM PDT on Apr 5, 2012

thanks for sharing

5:58PM PDT on Apr 2, 2012

just goes to show can be done...

1:27PM PDT on Apr 2, 2012


2:29AM PDT on Mar 24, 2012

Also cut out out the poisons and it is a double bonus. Out the window---- monosodium glutamate,floride,aspartame just to name a few.

2:27AM PDT on Mar 24, 2012

Becoming vegetarian is the best thing I have ever done in my life. It helps make me look and feel 20 years younger than my years. I am conscious and passionate about sharing this with everyone. If you do one thing in your life that will matter do this. It opens a new door in your reality to a different kind of life.

8:53AM PDT on Mar 23, 2012

The key to a vegan or vegetarian diet - is eating responsibly!

This isn't rocket science people. The ones who are weak and run down are the ones who simply eliminate animal protein from their diets and do not replace it with plant protein.

I've been a vegetarian for 10 years...and I run and work out and am the healthiest one in my circle of friends and family.

Because I did this diet change sensibly. If you do your homework and read labels when you first make the will find a huge amount of food products that contain far more protein than that steak you're eating.

And the upside is - plant based protein is actually what our human bodies were meant to eat. From our teeth to our intestines - we were designed for plant based protein - not animal based protein.

From the high cholesterol med's that many older American's take to the high blood pressure med's - what more proof do you need.

Get off your butts - stop eating meat - start eating plant based protein - and all these med's will no longer be needed.

6:53AM PDT on Mar 23, 2012

Still no answers as to how these athletes, and all the other thriving vegans are so healthy when some say that this just can't be. Their bodies need far more energy, strength, endurance, health..., than those who say that it's impossible to be healthy without eating animals and animal products. Any answers? Kim W.?

4:47AM PDT on Mar 23, 2012

Great info

3:34AM PDT on Mar 23, 2012


please do share the video. it is things like this that the AG GAG bills are trying to prevent so they can keep the atrocities hidden from the public. i wonder how many people would still contribute to the horrendous pain and suffering if they knew the truth of the matter?

“On profit-driven factory farms, veal calves are confined to dark wooden crates so small that they are prevented from lying down or scratching themselves. These creatures feel; they know pain. They suffer pain just as we humans suffer pain. Egg-laying hens are confined to battery cages. Unable to spread their wings, they are reduced to nothing more than an egg-laying machine. . . . The law clearly requires that these poor creatures be stunned and rendered insensitive to pain before [the slaughtering] process begins. Federal law is being ignored. Animal cruelty abounds. It is sickening. It is infuriating. Barbaric treatment of helpless, defenseless creatures must not be tolerated even if these animals are being raised for food—and even more so, more so. Such insensitivity is insidious and can spread and is dangerous. Life must be respected and dealt with humanely in a civilized society.” - Senator Robert Byrd

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I could never do without the wonders of flavourful and delicious fermented foods. Just marvellous.

Thanks for that! I like the cattle chiming in!

Thanks for the article.


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