Think You Can’t Love Yourself?

Love yourself unconditionally, deeply listen to your heartís desire and every day take at least one courageous and inspired step toward making your dream a reality.

Life is a precious, sacred journey with many unexpected detours, delights and delays. Remember that the end of this journey, love is the only thing that truly matters.

Make a commitment to love yourself, put your needs first and then serve the world from your open heart. Here is a concrete strategy to help you define your unique life purpose and get love flowing back to your heart center.

Human beings are driven creatures who are programmed to act with purpose and intent. We naturally gravitate toward pleasure and withdraw from painful stimuli. We possess different preferences and aversions that make us all unique individuals with extraordinary gifts to offer the world. What causes one person enormous discomfort may be someone elseís greatest joy.

For example, some people thrive on being the center of attention and love the attention they receive from a public speaking career. For others, the mere thought of standing on a podium makes them break out in a cold sweat. Thankfully, life naturally provides us with many types of experiences so that we can choose which options best meet our aspirations. By paying close attention to our likes and dislikes, we can discover and live out our lifeís purpose.

Most of us live lives of boredom and indifference out of habit. We tend to do what is expected of us because we feel this is what we must do to fulfill our responsibilities. Because we are so busy making ends meet, we forget to ask ourselves the questions in life that really matter.

Rest assured that as long as you are breathing, it is never too late to uncover your lifeís purpose. One quick way to find your lifeís purpose is through the following exercise….Try Aileen’s exercise for finding your purpose on

Aileen McCabe-Maucher is a licensed clinical social worker, a registered nurse and the author of The Inner Peace Diet and Find Your Life Purpose Now.

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Fi T.
Past Member 3 years ago

Simple if one cares

Elena T.
Elena Poensgen3 years ago

Thank you :)

Stanley R.
Stanley R3 years ago

Not sure what 'love yourself' mean?. Most people do not treat themselves well. hey abuse their bodies with poor quality fast foods, smoke, drink alcohol, and take too many prescription drugs. Also negative emotions destroy our health, anger, fear, depression, hate all destroy the fabric our our sacred temple. Our spirit is greatly insulted by gross and chronic lack of regard for ourselves. Perhaps many people actually hate themselves? This world is really messed up the way society and the economy is organized. It is fast growing a a "dog eat dog" life, with betrayal and deception a every turn. I believe this way is unsustainable and the human family will evolve into a species who can love one another.

Sheri Schongold
Sheri S3 years ago

Thanks for the article. It will be very difficult, but I suppose it can be done.

Laurence Wuillemin
Past Member 3 years ago

I'm my best friend and I can spend a lot of time with myself without getting bored or disturbed or anything else.
The summary of the story: I feel good ;-)

Laurence Wuillemin
Past Member 3 years ago

I'm my best friend and I can psend a lot of time with myself without getting bored or disturbed or anything else.
The summary of the story: I feel good ;-)

Aud Nordby
Aud n3 years ago


Vrishni S3 years ago

Yes its like the quote, " You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe deserve your love and affection."- Buddha. Very important to love yourself.

Laura Saxon
.3 years ago

Great article. Thanks for sharing.

Nils Anders Lunde
PlsNoMessage se3 years ago