Herbal Tick Repellent for Dogs

I dug deep in my herbal formula books for this recipe out of desperation, given that I live in the epicenter of the tick-generated Lyme disease epidemic. I tested the essential oil that is recommended for ticks, Rose Geranium, by putting a few drops—no more!—on our dogs’ collars, to see if it would repel ticks. Lo and behold, we went from 20 ticks a day on each dog to none. The second best essential oil for repelling ticks is American Pennyroyal (also called tickweed).

2 tablespoons vegetable or nut oil (almond oil contains sulfur, a repellent in its own right)
10 to 25 drops Rose Geranium essential oil

Combine the ingredients in a glass jar; shake to blend.
Make: 2 tablespoons with a shelf life of about six months.
Dab a few drops on your skin or clothing, making sure to avoid eyes.
Skip the Pennyroyal if there is anyone pregnant (including pets) in the home, as it can induce miscarriage. And as always, use essential oils with caution as they can burn the skin and harm eyes. Don’t use these essential oils around cats.

By Annie B. Bond


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How often should I apply the Rose Geranium and what is a good brand to buy.

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