Decorate With Natural Simplicity

Paring one’s home decor down to what you love and is beautiful helps with the essence of establishing simplicity and calm.

Here is a beautiful paragraph adapted from the book Timeless Beauty that seems to articulate this sense:

“It is one of beauty’s sweetest attributes that its appreciation slows things down; it can never be savored in a rush or fret. Quite the opposite; its enjoyment depends on patience, silence, calm and respect. And an openness of mind. Delight in beauty not only provides an experience which offers calm and self-forgetfulness but one that enables us to feel, to see, to live and to cherish. The enjoyment of beauty can help us regain our sanity and concentrate on the present, the now. Nowness is the magic of the present moment.”

Here are seven inspirational ideas from Annie and Cait on ways to bring timeless beauty into your home:

These decorating ideas cover every season:

15 Ways to Bring Nature Indoors.

Fresh Spring Decorating with Nature.

Nature’s Summer Gifts for Your Home.

Bringing Autumn Magic In.

Thanksgiving Decorating with Nature.

Decorating and Wrapping with Winter Nature Magic.

Late Winter Decorating Uplifts.

Inspired by Timeless Beauty, by John Lane (Green Books, 2003).


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This is so simple, the three white vases are so special!
Good Ideas! Thank you!

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Thank you for the lovely ideas! I bookmarked the page so that I can come back again and again.

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This is the simplest way to comfort

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