Tiny Crab Takes On Bull Terrier

This frisky bull terrier just wants to play but cannot figure out quite how to do it. The crab, on the other hand, must just see a huge looming, lunging, slobbering beast and thus only wants to scuttle away. Fortunately for the crab, his fully extended pinchers, tiny as they are, are enough to keep the bull terrier safely at bay — and luckily for the pooch he does not get a big painful pinch on the nose!

So, let this little crab be your inspiration today. Things that seem impossibly large and looming can be overcome with confidence in yourself – and a good dose of determination!



Carrie-Anne Brown

been removed :( but thanks for sharing

Jane C.
Jane C.2 years ago

I would have liked to see this. Oh well.

Franck R.
Frank R.2 years ago

Thank you

JL A.2 years ago

sad it's gone

June Bostock
June Bostock2 years ago

No video.

Alexandra Gundelfingen
Alexandra G.2 years ago

Video was removed ...

Dimitris Dallis
Past Member 2 years ago

Thanks for the comments :)

Sonali G.
Sonali G.2 years ago

I saw this on youtube and it was not so kind to the crab (or the dog come to think of it) to encourage such a dangerous "game"

A F.
Athena F.2 years ago

this has been up for days since it was removed, I wonder why?

Suzan F.
Suzan F.2 years ago

Hey!! Where'd it go?!?