Tiny Hamster Enjoys Her Mansion (Video)

Chicken the hamster may just be a human in disguise. Watch her mock routine as she experiences the joys of home ownership — as a hamster.

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Debbie Crowe
Debbie Croweabout a year ago

Oh my gosh - Chicken is adorable in his adorable house!! Thanks for the smiles!!

colette gioberto
colette giobertoabout a year ago

This is so cute! make me happy.

John chapman
John chapmanabout a year ago

If they named their hamster Chicken.

Wonder what they call the cat?

Bartlomiej T.
Bartlomiej T.about a year ago

The cutest hamster ever. So adorable.

Angela Padovani
Angie P.about a year ago

Chicken is adorable. Sweet video.

Kath P.
Kath P.1 years ago


Sally H.
Sally H.1 years ago

Thanks for a laugh on a day when I needed one. Love the colours in his house.

Lisa Zarafonetis
Lisa Zarafonetis1 years ago

This little hammy is absolutely adorable!!! :)
Sharing on my FB wall.

Briggitte A.
Briggitte Arnold1 years ago

Omg this so cute. Chicken is absolutely adorable!!!!