Tips to Green Your Beauty Routine (2 videos)

We all know how toxic many of the ingredients in beauty products can be. These two videos present natural alternatives.

This first video gives you lots of good ideas about how to go green when you want to improve your skin, your health and your environment.

For example, avoid face cleansers that contain parabens, triclosan or sulfates. Instead look for lemon, avocado, tea tree oils or aloe leaf juice.

There are lots more easy suggestions here.

The video on page 2 gives you DIY suggestions on how to make your own natural beauty products.

Photo credit: craigCloutier

DIY Eco Cosmetics

This video shows you how to make several beauty products from natural ingredients: skin balm, hairspray for men, sugar scrub. You may find the recipe sizes to be a problem. For example, the hairspray recipe makes a pint and you are advised to put it in the fridge and discard or replace it after a week. Thatís a lot of heads of hair! Donít they have a freezer in their kitchen?

If it is all too much trouble, at the end they suggest several kinds of packaged cosmetics from organic, socially-minded companies.

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MGreat Kanth
Past Member 3 years ago

i will tell my mother Nice tips

Setare Ahmadi
Setare Ahmadi3 years ago

thanks...i believe that Aloe vera and Youghort are the best. Thanks

Jean P.
Jean Park3 years ago

Great tips for those starting to go green with their beauty.

Emma S.
Emma S.4 years ago

This is really helpful, especially as I'm thinking of making some of my Christmas presents this year.

Cheryl B.
Cheryl B.4 years ago


Marcia Machado
Marcia Machado4 years ago

I use only natural cosmetics.
It's incredible the kind of stuff they put in beauty products

Masha Samoilova
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Jose Gaspar4 years ago


Jose Gaspar
Jose Gaspar4 years ago


Ioana Boca
Ioana B.4 years ago

noted with thanks