Toddler Makes Tear-Jerking Case for Vegetarianism (Video)

Luiz Antonio has a conversation with his mom about why he doesn’t want to eat his octopus gnocchi–or any animal. Watch this cute connect-the-dots moment, as a toddler realizes what animals’ lives mean to him.

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David S.
David S3 years ago

People, search google/youtube for the title/keywords and you'll see many of copies of the video and ones with subtitles...

Christine Daniels
Christine D3 years ago

can't see it : (

Debbie Tate
Debra T3 years ago

I wish the video had been in English.

David S.
David S3 years ago

If the video does not play here, it is easily found by Googling the title keywords. Let hope it inspires people to Google veganism and inform themselves rather than listening to a rambling misinformed troll.

Summerannie Moon
Summerannie M3 years ago

Out of the mouths of babes............ I Googled the YouTube and watched it there. Amazing to see and hear.

Diane L.
Diane L3 years ago

David S., since your comment was made so soon after I posted, I'll jump to the conclusion that your "delusional troll" reference was meant for me? Now, that's not very nice, and in case you didn't know the meaning of the word, "troll" has nothing to do with agreeing or disagreeing on a subject. If you're interested, Care2 has a very clear definition of what an internet "troll" actually is. Webster has one also.

"especially with younger people, as their minds are more open and less brainwashed by dietary customs."..........could be that younger people are just more gullible and naïve, but then you'd never comprehend that, more than likely, if you think disagreeing is a sign of being a "troll". If you actually understood nutrition, you'd also realize that young children need certain things for growth, and that includes animal protein. Nobody would have a problem with adults making the choice to be vegetarian or even vegan, providing they had their facts, but a 3 or 4-yr-old? You can't be serious to think a kid of that age knows what he SHOULD be eating. At that age, all they know is what looks good or tastes good and what they can pick up with their fingers.

Ummm, read Robert O's comment..........NOT good parenting to let a toddler pick and choose what he wants to eat vs. what is good for him.

Danuta Watola
Danuta W3 years ago

Go Vegan

David S.
David S3 years ago

I've made it a policy to not respond to delusional trolls.

Anyways, going vegan is easy and becoming more and more popular, especially with younger people, as their minds are more open and less brainwashed by dietary customs. It may take some effort to give up sad archaic habits of killing and eating animals, but one should be concerned with what they eat and , if they are concerned about animals and their own well being.

Diane L.
Diane L3 years ago

David S., and just a bit of an FYI, anyone can post whatever they want on YOU TUBE. Doesn't mean it wasn't acted out, staged or that this kid even said what was heard (providing you went to YOU TUBE to watch the video) of his own "volition", meaning more than likely, Mom coached him. What parent would give their toddler OCTOPUS to eat in the first place? At that age, I wouldn't have eaten it, either.

David S.
David S3 years ago

Let's hope the mother understands what her son seems to and the family pursues a healthy vegan lifestyle and inspires others to. The internet continuously shows the world the truth about animal suffering. The world is slowly evolving to be more humane, healthy and conscientious.

Giving up animal products is much easier than many people realize and it does not cost more. Studies, athletes and others show that eating a nutritious plant based diet is healthy and leads to less illness than eating animal guts and fluids. Google or youtube for endless vegan and raw vegan recipes that taste as good or better than their animal ingredient counterparts. The internet makes it easy to learn about healthy eating. People need to stop being so lazy and open their eyes and minds.