Top 10 Tech Tools for Sustainable Eating

By Jaymi Heimbuch, Planet Green

Going green in the kitchen can be one of the biggest ways to reduce your impact on the planet. Luckily, in our tech-savvy world, we have access to some great online and electronic tools that help us eat more eco-friendly without adding any hassle to our daily lives. Here are ten resources that will help you make your kitchen an earth-friendly and incredibly appetizing place to hang out.

Favorite Online Resources

1. NoTakeOut
NoTakeOut is a great website for super easy meal planning, shopping, and cooking. It makes cooking at home so easy that take-out seems like an unhealthy hassle. You can subscribe to have a recipe sent to you daily. The ingredient lists are short, the instructions clear, and there are lots of options for going organic and vegetarian.

2. Organic A-Z Videos
Delving into one ingredient per alphabet letter, you’ll learn all about a staple organic ingredient – and what to do with it – in each video. Check out one short clip online per day and learn about how easy it is to incorporate organic food into your diet.

3. 50 Ways to Eat Green
This article is chock full of tips for eating more healthfully and sustainably. And when the list starts out with “Eat More Chocolate,” we’re all eyes and ears! It’s an online article you’ll want to bookmark and reference as you go green in the kitchen.

4. 100 Mile Challenge
Okay, so this one isn’t so easy. In fact, it’s tough, but it’s one of the most impactful things you can do to make your diet more planet-friendly. And there is indeed online help. Planet Green has a 100 Mile Challenge site that can lend support if you decide to become a locavore and stick within a 100 mile radius for all your food purchases.

5. Green Fork Blog
We love this blog for all the helpful advice it lends on how to green your eating. Green Fork highlights leaders in the green food industry and offer eco-conscious tips. It’s hosted by the Eat Well Guide, a handy online database of small-scale farms, restaurants, and other green food outlets throughout the U.S., which is another must-know online resource for sustainable eating.

6. The Daily Plate
Counting calories isn’t just for trimming your waistline. It’s also an important part of lightening your environmental footprint. Eating less means literally consuming fewer resources. Use The Daily Plate to find out what calorie intake you should have to maintain a healthy weight, then track your caloric intake each day to make sure you’re being as healthy as possible for both you and the planet.

Next: Favorite Phone Apps

Favorite Phone Apps

These five iPhone apps are great options for easy ways to green up your food consumption. If you don’t have an iPhone, there is likely a version of these apps for other smart phone devices like Blackberries and Android phones.

7. Harvest
Harvest provides tips and techniques for choosing the best produce in a store or market, from how to test a watermelon for ripeness, to how to store garlic for optimum freshness. Makes buying fresh foods easier so you can skip packaged meals. This app runs $2.99.

8. Locavore
Also priced at $2.99, Locavore helps you eat local food when it’s in season. Find out what foods are in season while you’re at the market, so you know that you’re buying as responsibly as possible. We’d love it to also feature a farmers’ market finder, since these markets usually carry in-season produce.

9. Foodle
This app is a shopping list that remembers what you like best and helps you locate items nearby. It provides vegetarian and vegan friendly food suggestions to add to your list. It’s on the expensive side at $4.99, but if it saves you trips to the store, and guides you towards a vegetarian or vegan option whenever possible, then it’ll make up for the price in your reduced carbon footprint.

10. Seafood Guide
Finding sustainable seafood is a really big deal for ensuring our oceans stay healthy. But it can also mean standing in a store freezer section or butcher counter hemming and hawwing about which is the best choice for both you and the planet. Instead, quickly pick sustainably caught fish in restaurants and markets with this app from the Monterey Bay Aquarium. It tells you which fish are safe, which are good alternatives, and which to avoid buying or eating. Grab this app for a mere $0.99.


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