Top 11 Caregiver Stories of 2011

By Marlo Sollitto, contributing editor

We know that as a caregiver you experience moments with your loved one that make you laugh, cry and sometimes even embarrass you. Who better to share those amazing moments with than other caregivers! That’s why we created the Breath of Fresh Air board, a place where you can share these stories with other caregivers to provide inspiration and brighten each other’s days.

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Since last year, has received hundreds of stories from caregivers all over and as our team read each one, we laughed and cried with you. We put together our favorites for you to read, so be prepared to laugh…and grab a tissue.

Top Funny Stories

1. My Dad has a CNA come twice a week to assist him with his bath. I mentioned to him yesterday that he should get her something for Christmas. He told me to pick her up one of those things that you “rub and it grows”. After a few questions I discovered he meant a Chia Pet.

2. Mom is 91-years-old and suffers from Alzheimer’s. She also has a distended abdomen from a haital hernia, misshapen feet from having worn ill-fitting shoes and has had a mastectomy. She could also lose a few pounds. Recently, I overheard her tell her aide while bathing, “Don’t be jealous of my body.”

3. One night at the dinner table, my father (who has dementia) asked my husband and I if we are married. After we told him we were, he started singing, “All I want for Christmas is my mem-or-ree!” I’m glad dad can laugh about this!

4. My father has had a couple of strokes and has trouble with finding and interchanging words a lot. One day, we got in the car to go shopping and he started yelling to stop the car. I asked “why” and he told me he left his balls at home. He was speaking about his wallet. So now it is a joke when we leave the house we ask if him if he has his balls. This is only one of many funnies.

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5. Something cute. I came home yesterday from work and Mom came out to the kitchen to greet me. I said, “Mom, you have on my sweat pants!” We each have a pair of soft, comfy pea green sweats. Hers are a size 14 and mine are a few sizes bigger! She says, “I thought I had lost a lot of weight!” Then she pulls up her shirt to show me she had them pinned to her bra to keep them up! We had a good laugh!

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6. My mom lived in an assisted care facility where everyone left their doors open. One man with Alzheimer’s was restless and walked the halls endlessly. On one visit, she mentioned that he had tried to crawl into bed with her one night. I said what did you do?! She told him he was in the wrong room and he left. Then she added, “What good is a man in your bed if he can’t remember anything…”

7. My mother, who has Alzheimer’s and is in nursing care, called me one night to tell me she “just had the most wonderful shower” and she wanted to know “should she tip the man that gave her the shower?” I told her “only if she had a good time.” Lol. It was actually a woman that gave her the shower but with her bad eye sight, Mom thinks anyone with short hair is a man…..

8. My wife has Alzheimer’s and I put some jewelry on her for a Christmas party. While waiting to leave, she took one of her bracelets off, I put it on, she took it off – neither of us saying much. This time, I picked it up and set it on the table and informed her that she could not wear it. All was silent, then she quietly said – without looking at me – “you have got an attitude.” I had to laugh out loud!

9. After turning down the covers and placing a nightly glass of water next to her side of the bed, my mother asked dad if he was coming to bed. His reply “Oh NO my wife would kill me! But thank you for offering.” This happened after 10 years of her caring for him with Alzheimer’s.

10. My mother is a little peanut of a woman – barely 5 feet tall. For some reason all the exam tables in doctors’ offices are way too high, but they still expect Mom to hike herself onto them. One day, a nurse was trying to help Mom and complimented her on her ability to get up on the table. Mom turned to her and said, “I’m little but I’m mighty.” The nurse could not stop laughing.

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11. I was kneeling beside Mom’s bed last night when she was saying her bedtime prayer. This night she prayed, “Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the LORD my soul to keep. If I should die before I wake, I pray he takes me like an earthquake.” Instead of “…my soul to take.” I said “what?” Mom laughed and said, “well, I couldn’t remember the rest and …well, it rhymed” ! ~ Amen!

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very sweet stories, good to share some humour from these moments too....

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I like this. thank you.

Nancy Black
Nancy Black4 years ago

Aging is not for the weak of heart, but a good sense of humor does wonders. That is what we all should work on, a sense of humor. Being the right weight and exercising as well as not doing anything to excess helps us as we grow older, but no matter what, eventually we reach the stage where only a sense of humor really works.,

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Lol. Thanks! ^.^

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My wife has Rheumatoid Arthritis and due to her recent tracheotomy, now no longer talks so she has to write, I am glad she still can as a machine like Steven Hawking has is way over my budget. I wish there were help, but I guess I will just have to make do with what I can as she now is a mute invalid, she requires 24/7 care and of course we no longer have insurance as the company cancelled us for non-payment as our income has dropped so dramatically we almost can't afford anything. If anyone knows where we can get some help please E-mail at

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thanks for the stories

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Very heartwarming and thoughtful stories. Thanks

Mary Martin
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Thank you for the stories, i can relate to them as my husband had a brain injury 71/2 years ago,and has said some very funny and strange things in the past, Good job we have always had a warped sense of humour.God Bless all Carers.